Waxing Nottingham

Are you looking for a luxurious beauty treatment? Waxing Nottingham is the place to be. It is a serene
world of beauty from the hectic nosy city Centre. You can`t have enough of the grand waxing treatment
at Nottingham.

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Waxing services
The grand beauty salon takes you through a comfortable, intimate waxing to leave you pampered and
yearning for more. Being a developed woman by women beauty salon, the services gear towards
creating a perfect look for clients’.
With waxing Nottingham services, you experience a perfect superior wax leaving you clean and fresh.
The beauty treatment takes 20 minutes or less: it’s convenient and saves the clients time. It boasts of
offering the most comfortable services in the market with a unique, intimate waxing technique. It’s a
one of its kind beauty waxing treatment.
By choosing the waxing services, you are sure of the best special treat with promising results on every
visit. The experts are keen on clients’ details and understand the feeling of having exceptional wax. So
you will delve into a classic exposure of super smooth and hair-free skin for an extended period. You are
not far away from an intimate waxing treatment.
Interestingly the services are not limited but go as far as WAXU signature intimate wax, modest bikini,
and the in-between bikini.
 WAXU signature intimate wax
Takes you through a world of exclusive services by removing all the hairs from the edge of your pant line
to inner and outer labia. It’s total clearance of all hair around your anus. Not to forget the optional strip
with a width pubic mound running all through and a length that suits your desires. There are no extra
 The In-between Bikini
It is complete hair removal from the outside of your pant line to the outer labia. A large size strip
suspends on the top, and a thick line of hair is left directly to the anus. Anus hair can also be removed. If
you want an adhesive strip on the top and hair all through in-between bikini is the best choice for you.
 Modest bikini
A modest way of removing hair from the pant line and small way of leaving a complete hair growth
pattern. It removes hair inside the legs. It’s an affordable wax to fulfill your needs.
Choose to wax at Nottingham for exclusive waxing treatment. A full package of complete WAXU
intimate wax services that suits your needs. Do not hesitate to visit.